That is why I am a Baha’i now

ABN NEWS – Amatu’l-Bahá Rúhíyyih Khánum in one of her memories says that she was once in a fireside with a group of Persian and British pioneers. One of the seekers was a black man who was sitting there and was listening carefully.
Suddenly the door opened and the daughter of one of the English pioneers came in with her milk bottle in hand and looked at the audience and went directly to the black man and made it to his laps and managed to sit there, she smiled at him, and kissed him, and started to drink her milk from the bottle.
One of the Persian ladies tried to reach the baby to grab her from the man’s laps, but Amatu’l-Bahá Rúhíyyih Khánum, told her in Persian, “let her be, she is teaching the Faith in her own way.”
After the meeting, the man approached the Khánum and told her that he would like to be like her and go wherever she went to teach the Faith. Khánum looked at him and asked if he was a Baha’i? And he said yes, he was. Rúhíyyih Khánum was astonished and asked, “Since when? How and why?”
He said that, “Since an hour ago when that little girl went to me, kissed me, and sat on my laps and slept there with great calm. Since that moment I thought to myself that she had a different and brilliant education where there was no hint of racism. Her parents must have had no prejudice in educating her like that, and then I said this is the Faith I must grasp.”
“That is why I am a Baha’i now.”

روحیه خانم تعریف می کردند که در جلسه ای با تعدادی مبتدی بودند (چند
نفر از مهاجران ایرانی، آمریکایی و چند نفر هم از مهاجرین بریتانیایی در آن
جلسه و بیت تبلیغی حضور داشتند). دختر یکی از مهاجرین بریتانیایی که دختر خیلی
کوچکی بود وارد شد، نگای به حاضرین کرد و مستقیماً به طرف یکی از سیاهپوستان
رفت و روی زانوی او نشست و در ضمن بازی با شیشه شیرش به نوازش و بوسیدن مرد
سیاهپوست پرداخت. یکی از مهاجرین رفت که بچه را بگیرد، روحیه خانم به فارسی به
او گفتند که کودک را به حال خود بگذارد چون مشغول تبلیغ است. وقتی بیت تبلیغی
به آخر رسید، مرد سیاهپوست اظهار ایمان کرد.
به روحیه خانم گفت: “خانم، مایلم هرجا که برای تبلیغ
امر بهائی می روید، با شما بیایم. میل دارم از شما یاد بگیرم و خودم
مبلّغ بشوم.” خانم پرسیدند: “شما بهائی هستید؟” مرد گفت: “بله.” خانم
گفتند: “امّا چرا؟” مرد گفت: “به خاطر این کودک. این طفل مستقیماً نزد من
آمد، روی زانوی من نشست، با من بازی کرد و مرا بوسید. این به من ثابت کرد
که خانواده اش در وجود او علیه سیاهپوستان تعصّب به وجود نیاورده اند.
و خانواده از این تعصّبات پاک و مبرّاست.. این دلیل برای من کافی است

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