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Mazen N. Halaby

Where does the stricken humanity stand and where is it going? World leaders are busy with peace conferences held in various places in a crumbling world, with results that showcases their complete inability in the formulation of modern, universal solutions to deal with our entangled global challenges and deep changes that history hasn’t seen before. Challenges and changes that strike relentlessly into the depths of human and spiritual thought throughout the masses and their leaders who stand helplessly confused, disoriented before the exigencies of the comprehensive global security requirements.

We are indeed witnessing before us a world, reeling in its procession towards a trajectory that is probably the most critical and dangerous in the planet’s history, because of its attachment to stubborn and outdated behavioral patterns and thought.

We are living in a mirage and a deceptive civilization, which constructs and destructs, harms and cures. We are living in a world deteriorating into the abyss of misery and plunging into humiliation and debasement of the human conscience, where the trees of justice are losing their foliage and their fruits; the lantern of equity is darkened, and the lamps of love dimmed out, on this planet of injustice and oppression.

From the ruins of global mass destruction of moral infrastructure; the accompanying desertification for the hearts; the contamination of the souls; and the corruption of the minds, confused voices arise wondering: “Who will save the world from man himself?” “Who will save humanity when its systems are chaotic, its structure falling, and its pillars in disequilibrium?” And piercing voices call out: “Why are we partners in inevitable death and not partners in true life?” What terrible anguish are people living in these days, and how miserable is the world.

We long for an intellectual and behavioral revolution, as well as a modern progressive moral approach handling the present challenges. It’s no secret that the lack of a clear vision of a unified global peace concept must necessarily cause instability in the compass of peace, so to say, dispersion of, and clashes in the global efforts, because of blind pursuit of self-interest, indulgence, and in extreme nationalism that is imbued with selfishness.  All this under the banner of love for one’s country, indeed almost idolizing one’s country!

At this point we may ask: “Why not widen the circle of love for one’s country to include the entire world? Does the love of a father for others obliterate his instinctive love for his children?”

With that blight of selfishness, the sun of justice will cease to shine, and self-interest will control governance and decision. Under such conditions, whatever humanity plants in such a surrounding of gloom is doomed to die. We witness glittering emblems of deceptive international treaties that start and end with talk. We see arm-limiting and disarmament conferences experience the severe trial of shameful failure. Yet the dire reality indicates the existence of a fierce acceleration in global armament because of the growing skepticism and mistrust in addition to the lack of a unified vision and fair strategy.

Consider how useless are the dispersed clouds, yet when they gather together in one thick cloud, rain will pour with all its bountiful upon all, without distinction between mountain and valley, plane and hill. The honorable trustees of people’s interests must be certain that world peace is a promise of Truth, and the endeavors of everyone should be in that regard; so that with creative minds and new thought they’ll restructure the edifice of human society as to restore to mankind its true rank with which the Essence of Truth had adorned in His words: “And certainly We have honoured the children of Adam”, and restore to it its sublime role of carrying forward a human civilization ever progressive, and to heavenly religions their prestige, respect, and illuminating role of addressing the souls of   mankind and the quickening of the hearts all in unity & harmony.

Everyone must realize that we’ve been created to live and not to be crushed, to build not destroy, to unite not separate.  Human life is short. It’s therefore, shameful to spend our precious lives in wars and contention, and to allow ethnic, religious, and national prejudices to wreak havoc on earth and control the nation’s destiny.

Of certainty, unless the foundation of the world’s unity is deeply rooted, world peace will remain elusive and the winds of despair will blow everywhere. Finally, we ask: “When will the Most Great Peace dawn upon the nations and peoples of this planet that God created as one country, but was torn to pieces because of human ignorance and selfishness? When shall we be illumined with the light of unity of mankind? When will humanity hurry to the haven of truth and justice, take shelter in the shadow of unity in diversity and harmony amongst all and believe that the people of the world are indeed flowers of one garden?”

We raise our hands in submissiveness to the Heaven of Glory and Oneness, to the Heaven of Mercy and Grace, and in a voice sorrowed by human cruelty and ignorance, we intone: “Is there any remover of difficulties, Save God”?

Mazen N. Halaby


Source : ABN Bahá'í News

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